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Originally Posted by Aliencommander1245 View Post
I actually looked into your previous comments a bit further later on and found multiple studies which supported the idea that fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks, such as this compilation created by the Charlotte Lozier Institute -

The bill itself was drafted on research that suggested fetuses at 20 weeks gestation do feel pain. On top of this, several studies show premature births past 20 weeks gestation (i.e. 22 weeks fertilisation) have a chance of full survival. Perhaps this isn't very high, but it's a chance. If I came down with a life-threatenign disease and my chance of survival was extremely low, lower than that of a fetus at that stage, I wouldn't want to be ended.

I did also find other sources that supported your claims (unlinked because I'm sure you've read them).

Nowhere did I see that "almost all doctors reject the baseless '20 weeks before you can feel pain' claim", leading me to think this seems to be quite a grey area. Given that, shouldn't we put the cutoff point at the lowest (being 20 weeks), until it can be universally agreed upon otherwise? I certainly think so.

Also, as for women being a "prison for a dying fetus"; if someone has a high chance of death, perhaps even certain, should we kill them now so it's over?
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