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    Also, as for women being a "prison for a dying fetus"; if someone has a high chance of death, perhaps even certain, should we kill them now so it's over?
    That's a deep philosophical question and ultimately a subjective opinion. There doesn't appear to be a right answer to that. Ultimately when it comes down to it, the only thing that matters is if everyone or enough people side with you.

    I'm not saying discussions shouldn't be held nor should these matters be discussed, but from what I've so far seen, it's honestly hard to find an objective answer for this and it all comes down to your opinions on many things in regards to this topic.

    At the same time, I believe filibustering is a low tactic to use. I'll stay out of the abortion aspects for the sake of me not caring to discuss it and keeping my comments focused on the area I'd rather address. Filibustering is a good reason why stuff fails and while I can understand trying to push an agenda, at the same time if you don't have anything else to add besides repeating the same old stuff then, why are you still talking? Perhaps, better structured speeches that draw out the topics can be considered fine, but repeating information for the sake of adding extra paragraphs is a tactic I personally don't like.

    This is just my opinion on filibustering and I'm sure someone has and can use this tactic for good use. However, good and evil usually is in the terms of the beholder, doing things that are shady with good intentions is still shady (and while I can respect the willingness that doesn't excuse the consequences. Also, I'm not claiming it is inherently shady just using something as an analogy.) and overall a tactic I don't like used and in fairness of treatment I don't see it being used for good purposes as exceptions.
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