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Originally Posted by tehGDS View Post
Seriously wtf, how did you get the mugshots like that.. and the Pokedex matched with the whole theme you have there, all and all, no crits? Wow.. You've gotten to a point when I can't say anything that bothers me, the screens all look very well thought of, if this is an actual Pokemon game, I'd believe that, good golly, nice! I'm really enjoying this a lot better than any others
With coolness ;)
Thanks :)

Originally Posted by Chimchar 9 View Post
Wow Wee! That looks amazing! The palettes match very well together.
I can't wait to see the Ow's! :D
Good luck! :)
Thanks :)

Originally Posted by K2 XTREME View Post
I'll be looking forward to try this out when the first beta is released. I love the tiles, good luck with this.

Curious though, how many gyms might be in the 1st beta when you get to it?
Thanks :)
Most likely two. Then I'll release another with four, another with eight and then the final release.

Originally Posted by mruknown6 View Post
not bad the idea is great lets see how you deliver if you need any help im not a pro but i have done some scripts and stuff
Thanks :)

Uhh...kinda. I've been inserting overworlds, finished spriting the rest of the heroes overworlds (other than running and all that fancy stuff), and finished a map that I don't really like tbh.

I know about the glitchy youngster and tile error already :P