Hardened Trainer

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Posted May 9th, 2015
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Thanks for the comments, everyone! :)

I've added a new video showing what I have for the re-edited beginning of the game, which covers episode one of the anime:

AshGray - Pokémon I Choose You

it shouldn't mess up the game by adding tiles later...

This looks pretty good so far. The backsprite needs work... unless the discoloration and lack of details in the color is from the brightness. Hope you get clearer screenshots up soon!

Anyways, good luck!
I added a picture with an updated version of the backsprite. Mostly I just fixed the colors of his backpack/gloves and made his hat a bit brighter red. Thanks for the support! :)

Like the above poster said, it won't mess up. Unless you are not careful, and only replace the tiles that you are changing.

Anyway, this looks good. In my opinion, don't change the tiles unless you have REALLY unique ones. FR tiles are unique in hacks nowadays.
Thanks! I don't have plans for the tiles yet, but I could see myself trying to maybe create something for Bill's Lighthouse that looks more like a lighthouse. I haven't done much with tile editing, though, so that would take some practice anyway.

This looks pretty cool! I've actually made a Misty Trainer sprite like that in one of the screen shots. XD

So, I hope you keep at this and make it awesome!
Thanks! I'm going to try to see it to the end.

I think I might release a Beta after I get through 25 episodes and keep doing that until I get through the whole Kanto/Orange Island series.