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Posted May 15th, 2020
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Disabling on FireRed and LeafGreen

I hate to revive this after so long, but I figured out a pretty easy way to disable this.
Basically, I just replace an instruction in the table reader (0813CD24) found by knizz which makes it jump to the fail-safe it has and forces it to choose grey.

To remove it on FireRed, at 0x13CD24 replace 00 B5 00 04 with 00 B5 0F E0.
To remove it on LeafGreen, do the same only at 0x13CCFC.

Also, to change the color that it will always use, mess around with the byte at 0813CD48 (0813CD0E on LeafGreen). The 03 there is the default grey. Changing it to 00 will make it blue and 01 makes it red. All other values make it grey. Of course, this is because it works like the "textcolor" script command. :)
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