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    Originally Posted by Vendak View Post
    I don't "get" any obsession other than my own obsessions; but everyone has a different taste in what they like. I might think it's strange to like Justin Bieber, but I'm sure all the Bieber fans think the bands I enjoy are strange too. Everyone's just different, so I don't think any particular obsessions are any weirder than any other obsession.

    If someone has found something that makes them happy enough to obsess over it, then I say good for them, regardless of what it is.
    The only obsession I really dislike is the obsession that some people have with putting others down just because they like certain things.
    Best way to look at things, in a realists terms, but I have an obsession that I don't like, nor fully understand. Actions as a population of a whole intrigue me to no end. Say, there's one million free people who are making a decision, for some reason everyone alone would choose option B, but together, only few speak their minds. This contradiction of attention has been around for countless centuries, and it's been nagging at my skull for the same duration.