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    This is what the Game Freak guy says: "Now, er, I'm, er... I'm thinking, er, a new plan of, er... Of a game."

    Um What? A new plan of a game? If this is a hint towards Hoenn remakes then they must be thinking of how they are going to retell the Story because of Emerald version being the canon game. That's the most probable reason besides creating the plans for the next Generation.

    Kanto is a possibility also, but I don't see why they would need to create a new "plan" for it's second remake.

    Edit: And I just noticed and wanted to point out, he says "A game" not "games", like what they said in HGSS referencing their own remakes.

    2nd Edit: To show what's up with the manga series, the 2nd Generation by Viz Media was released August 2010, the same year as HGSS. Here's my source: