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    Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
    Yep. I mean this doesnt change that they gotta make something new. Genesect is still the co-star like in every movie, except they figured to make it shiny since its already revealed and in the anime, tcg, and since they cant make it a new forme without games to prolong gen 5.
    Yeah that makes the most sense, they need to make the movie 'special' in a sense. If Genesect is already in the anime then people wont care to see it, so having a shiny, extremespeed Genesect in the movie is their way of differing it from the anime to give people an incentive to see the movie. I actually believe this is the first time that they haven't hinted at a new Pokemon in the title, every single time they have revealed a new Pokemon in February for a movie it was already hinted at in December so it's just odd. Could mean no Gen VI Pokemon, but I doubt that. There's no way they'd let Genesect carry the movie alone if its already appearing in the anime, even if it is a shiny one. I guess it's not like they HAVE to hint at a new Pokemon being revealed later - they can just reveal it in February to surprise us.