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    Misty - Wanted her bike and eventually just wanted to stay with him somewhat.
    Brock - He just loved how Ash was with Pokemon and decided to follow him because he wanted to travel, but he had family problems.
    Tracy - He wanted to eventually meet Prof. Oak.
    May - Bike and wanted to travel.
    Max - He wanted to travel because he wanted to see how Pokemon Trainer really were.
    Dawn - Bike and wanted to travel
    Iris - Cilan suggested all of them to travel together and she found Ash interesting.
    Cilan - Wanted to study the bond between Ash and his Pokemon.
    Clemont - No reason was ever really given though he wanted to leave the city for some reason and he liked how Ash was with his pokemon.
    Bonnie - Wanted to stay with her brother and find a wife for him.
    Serena - She wanted to meet Ash again and give him back a cloth that he had given her at a camp. Ash then suggested her to travel with them and she agreed.

    Todd Snap - He wanted to take pictures of pokemon.
    Sakura - I don't recall her ever traveling with them. They were just hanging out when they were in town.
    Cheryl - Ash and then said they would help her find the Combee nest.
    Buck - Ash and the group wanted to help find the treasure.
    Alexa - She was going to Kanto like Ash and then and just stuck around for a bit.
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