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    Originally Posted by drdaylight389 View Post
    1. I got a Bagon, never gained any experience yet. I wanna eventually evolve him into a Metagross. If I start EV training Bagon now, will all the EV points still be distributed to those stats I EV trained him in when he eventually evolves into a Metagross?
    First off, Bagon dosen't evolve into Metagross, its Salamence :P or were you talking about Beldum? anyways It will have its EV Points even if it evolves, so yes.

    Originally Posted by drdaylight389 View Post
    2. None of my pokemon have the Pokerus virus. But hypothetically speaking, lets say Bagon does have the Pokerus virus and experience share equipped and I'm fighting with my Sceptile . I know experience share will also give Bagon EVs from the battle Sceptile won. Sceptile beat a pokemon for 1 EV for the Attack stat. Will Bagon receive 2 EVs for the Attack stat since he has the Pokerus virus?
    Your right they distribute EV's with an EXP Share but I'm not sure if the EV's are doubled like that, they are doubled with Pokerus though.

    Originally Posted by drdaylight389 View Post
    3. I read that people are starting their EV training at Level 1. Is it even possible to get a Level 1 pokemon without cheating (gameshark/codebreaker/glitches)? Or can pokemon actually be hatched out of an egg at Level 1?
    In GEN IV and up when a Pokemon hatches from an egg it will be Lv.1 You can really start EV Training at any Level, as long as the Pokemon has not been in a battle.

    Originally Posted by drdaylight389 View Post
    4. I understand how some natures pokemon have will add 10% in one stat and negate 10% in another or not add/negate a stat at all. But from Serebii's website at the bottom of a page on a pokemon, it says "Hindering Nature", "Neutral Nature" and "Beneficial Nature". How do I know what nature would Hinder/be Beneficial to Bagon? I'm assuming the "Neutral Nature" would be natures that do not add/negate stats such as the Bashful Nature, Docile Nature, Hardy Nature, etc.
    Yea your right, neutral dosen't add or subract from a stat, for

    Bagon: Jolly, Modest
    Beldum: Naive, Naughty

    GEN III also has a difference with Attack/Special attack split. So all Dragon and Psychic moves are special, all Steel and Flying moves are Physical (Attack) These are the types of Bagon's evolution and Beldum.