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    Okay, so do tell me if you'd like me to change anything or everything. I really hope this is up to par. x3

    Name: Isis
    Gender: Female
    Region: Northern Sinnoh
    Pokemon/District: Glaceon from District 8

    Isis has long legs and a muscular build (from hunting), accompanied by an aura of pensiveness. She often has a neutral expression, her eyes giving away very little about her inner dwellings. At other times she appears kind, a caring expression gracing her features, making her appear very approachable.

    On the outside she has light blue fur that glimmers with frost. She has slight scars all over her body, though none very prominent. She has a very fluid and graceful way of walking, light on her feet. She tries to carry herself with that amount of grace, believing it to show off skill, with perfectly timed jumps and smooth swings of her paws.

    Personality: Calm and composed, you'd be hard pressed to find a moment when Isis has lashed out or started to panic. From her years of hunting alone, she had become very quiet, rarely makind small talk, or any kind of conversation. She had a particular liking for children, however, a motherly instinct passed down from her mother, and she feels the need to protect those weaker than her.

    Isis is intelligent enough, keeping her moth closed, even if she had a strong opinion. Although she has become resigned to the rules of society under Team Rocket, she has a particular loathing for it. She isn't actively rebellious though, more inclined to make sly comments about her opinions, rather that to speak them.

    She is generous and well, giving to those in need, despite being poor as she is. That said, Isis is bitter and cold to those who hurt or take care of others. She has very strong morals.

    History: Isis was born in the northernmost part of District 8, on one of those rare days when the snow clouds didn't block out the sun. To her mother, a poor, impoverished Glaceon it was like a beacon of hope. The birth of her daughter was the only thing that brought her joy in such a terrible state of life, and in all of the world Isis was the one thing most dear to her.

    Though it was a miserable existence, Isis's mother tried her hardest to bring her child comfort, and the priceless chance at an actual childhood. She sacrificed what little she had, becoming a hunter, selling to the black market., a practice not tolerated in her district. Yet it was utter bliss, the relationship between mother and child, as if nothing was wrong in the world. But to them, the world was cruel, and though they spent many years together they were quickly torn apart. Isis's mother went out to hunt one morning and never returned.

    Isis waited patiently for many days, living on the small stash of food they had stored. She was naive, still believing with every passing day that her mother was coming back as she always had. Instinct was the only thing that kept her alive, the need for food and clean water. She had to become strong and fight for herself, because nobody was willing to take in another mouth to feed.

    She didn't understand it at the time, the laughs and jeers from the people of the black market, when she barged into the place where they held their dealings, insisting to take over for her mother. She did exactly as she said though, starting as a clumsy hunter, on a good day bringing back small, messy kills, and on a bad day coming back with nothing but an empty stomach.

    Within a few years Isis's innocence was gone completely. Though she was still so young, she had evolved into a Glaceon, and the majority of her days were spent on hunting. She found a small purpose in her life, though.

    She had gone out to hunt, the usual motion of her day, and on her way back found a dead Mamoswine with her two baby Swinub, so young they couldn't yet speak, poking and prodding at her, trying to wake her up. Isis, overwhelmed with sympathy, forgot all about delivering the day's kill and curled around them, keeping them warm for the rest of the night, and coming back each day to feed them.

    She soon became known to share her kill with orphan Pokemon, and those truly impoverished. It meant much more work for her, but she couldn't imagine leaving a single Pokemon to starve. Many cruel Pokemon took advantage of that, putting on a show to get food, but Isis continued anyways, against her better judgment.

    She was like a mother to the people of the northern District 8, even though she was still a young teenager.

    That was why it was such a surprise that she was called forth for the Hunger Games. History had repeated itself, tearing her away from those she loved. Then and there her fate was decided. District 8 never one, and even a seasoned hunter would be no different. But Isis made a resolve, to come back as her own mother never could.

    Roleplay Sample: I hope this'll do. xP
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