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    Name: Gilles

    Gender: Male

    Region: Central Hoenn, on east side of dividing line

    Pokémon/district: Zangoose from District 6

    Appearance: Gilles has a fierce appearance with his wicked sharp claws and scars that line over his entire body beneath his fur. As such, several patches of fur on his body are missing and expose his bare skin, which is covered in scars. Beneath his fur and scars, powerful muscles are hidden that were the result of his tree climbing and hunting. Gilles has bloodshot eyes from the hours he’s spent awake. Gilles' claws are slightly shorter than the average Zangoose, but are thicker and tougher as well, allowing him to crush even the hardest of skulls and rocks with his devastating crush claw attack. Gilles has keen senses, utilizing his sharp nose to catch hints of the faintest smells and even use his ears to catch the highest frequencies of sounds. Every hair follicle on Gilles' body that hasn't been ripped out from an attack stands on end when he's nervous and feels the air, acting as one large feeler that allows him to feel and evade attacks before they manage to harm him with a near perfect detect technique. As a hunter and prey, Gilles' body is built perfectly.


    Personality: Gilles is a bluntly straightforward Pokémon who refuses to mince words and always states his opinion clearly. When asked questions, he doesn’t hesitate to answer, nor does he hesitate to call others on their lies. Gilles tends to do the latter mentioned quite often, as he has grown paranoid through his life span. He has stayed up for whole days before in order to keep a watch on his surroundings and he has an excellent grasp over personalities, able to judge movements, words, expressions, and actions accurately enough before deciding whether to be wary of pokemon/person or not. Despite his paranoia, Gilles doesn’t typically act hostile to others, preferring to remain silent and observe carefully with the expanded senses he’s honed throughout his life in District 6. Those who knew him and still live say that he ‘is liable insane, but not always in a bad way’. If Gilles had to explain it, he’s say that he got so tired of being afraid, he abandoned sanity along with his dying parents. While outside of battle, he may be quite and brooding, he uses shameless tactics during combat and is impossible to provoke, accepting the titles of 'coward' and other incriminating terms with an amused grin.

    History: Gilles was born in the trees of district seven, in the area that had once been the route just east of the area formally known as “Mauville City”. He was raised by his parents just long enough to know how to hunt properly before he witnessed their deaths at the hands a former ally whom they had worked with throughout the years. Rather than trying to fight back, Gilles simply turned his back and ran for days, using all his hunting skill to make sure he did not become the prey. Gilles never returned to seek revenge or even bother to remember the killer’s name or face. He never wanted to see a traitor again for as long as he lived. In the years following, Gilles developed his warped perspective where he was suspicious of everyone and yet was friendly with them all the same. He never hesitated to end the life of others when they began to act suspiciously without explanation, while at the same time he never tolerated it when he sawo thers being mistreated by whom they would call ‘friends’, taking the lives of the offenders as well. Some began to call him some sort of ‘avenger’. Others called him ‘insane’. He didn’t care what he was called, so long as he was alive. Ironically, he believes that he is helping those he kills by sending them to a ‘place better than here’.

    Roleplay sample:

    Ugly. Old. Lost. Useless. Funny.

    The sound of berries hitting the side of a tree echoed through the forest as Gilles tossed one after another after examining it carefully in his claws. He picked up a Sitrus berry, snorted, and tossed it into the growing pile. That one had been lackluster.

    “Come out, Uriel, I know you’re there.”

    The Swellow landed on a tree bough high above Gilles with a coy smile as he watched the Zangoose continue to examine and throw berries. “Hey, Gilles, buddy, how’s it going?”

    “Cut the bull and tell me what you want.” Gilles said with an inflectionless tone. Uriel sighed.

    “Come on now, Gilles, don’t be so cold. You’re representing us in this year’s Games, aren’t you? I just wanted to make sure you weren’t nervous, or nothing.”

    “Why would I be nervous?” Gilles asked suspiciously. “They haven’t even begun yet. And even when they do, how could I be the least bit scared? I already know what’s going to happen. It’s been the same for the past sixty-six years.”

    “Oh? You’re not afraid? That’s a shocker.”

    “Kill or be killed…that’s the life I’ve been living for all these years.”

    “That’s whyI’m confident you’re gonna win, bud. No one know how to survive like you do!”

    “Don’t be ridiculous…” Gilles snapped. “Survive? Taking the lives of eleven others who you would not otherwise even meet is called surviving?You know, as well as I, that what happens during the Games is nothing but murder for the sake of pleasure.”

    “But you’ll still win, right?"

    Gilles shifted to glare up at Uriel and the bird Pokémon yelped in surprise, looking completely flustered.

    “Alright, alright!” Uriel sighed. “I’m going. Good luck, man!”

    Gilles continued to toss the berries as Uriel flapped off into the cover of trees. This one was too empty. This one was too perfect.

    “Ridiculous.”Gilles muttered once again as he observed the Pecha berry in his claw now. This one was too flawed. “Win? You can only do that when everyone else loses. In these games, there are exactly twelve of us, each and every time.”

    [For another reference, click here]
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