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Name: Alexis Gilardino

Gender: Male

Region: Orange Islands

Pokemon/District: Infernape, of District 12


Alexis is a slight above average sized Infernape, standing at 5'11" and weighing in at just over 124 pounds. Infernape is slightly more muscular than a majority of his species, however, it is hardly noticeable other than his legs. As a result, Alexis has always been seen as good looking to the rest of his kind, a fact he takes great pleasure in. Alexis' expression is usually sour, which matches his personality. His eyes are a brilliant blue, however joy rarely brightens them to their full potential. The Pokémon's mouth contains two dozen razor sharp teeth, which can be used as lethal weapons. The flame atop the male's head burns somewhat brighter than those of his peers.

The fur of Alexis is mainly a reddish-brown colour, the Infernape also has patches of white fur on its torso, arms, legs and head. The fire type has swirl-patterned, gold shoulder pads, chest plate, bracelets and knee pads. Alexis also wears a red scarf around its neck that matches the colour of the flames it can produce at will. The hands, feet and inner ear of the Infernape are all a navy-blue colour. Alexis is a very nimble Pokémon, who also packs a punch with its speed and strength being its most impressive attributes.

Personality: Alexis is as his type would let on, he has a fiery personality and is very hot headed. The Infernape is extremely reckless and is driven by his passion. The male's parents and grandparents often put others before themselves, however, as Alexis has seen what this leads to, has rid himself of the family trait. He now puts himself first, other than his Grandfather of course. The Pokémon has always had a hatred against the Capitol after he found out what they put his family through. As a result, he has often voiced his opinions of them to his friends, something that may not have been so wise in hindsight.

Due to his impressive physical appearance, Alexis has always been approached by females of his species and envied by other males. As a result of this, the Infernape has built up an air of superiority over the years and his ego has inflated greatly. Despite District 12 being extremely poor, Infernape comes from one of the better off families, which doesn't help his over confidence. The Pokémon is often seen as cocky, and many elders in the District have a fairly poor opinion of the fire type, who doesn't much care for their opinions.

History: Alexis was born and raised in the upper class area of District 12. Despite this, the male's family barely scraped by and the young fire type had to work, fishing and transporting goods from a young age. The boy immediately showcased a talent for these professions, however when his father passed away the child took over his job in the Black Market, where he helped transporting illegal goods around the island for a large paycheck in return. Despite his reluctance of doing the job at first, he became skilled at it and as a result, began enjoying it. As a result of avoiding the guards on the island while transporting the goods, the male has became a very stealthy character.

Alexis was brought up for a majority of his life by his grandfather and father. His grandmother died of starvation before Alexis was born, and his mother passed away not too long after the boy was born from the same cause. The male's father was reaped for the Hunger Games just as Alexis became an Infernape. His father fought valiantly finishing a respectable fourth, but Alexis fell depressed after his death. The Infernape realized that he was now the main earner for the family now, and after realizing how fishing and transporting goods was not enough to support both him and his grandfather, so took his fathers job at the Black Market, where he excelled. His grandfather once participated in the Hunger Games, and emerged victor in the 9th Annual Games. Alexis' grandfather told him what the world was like before the Rockets took over, and Alexis has sworn to do his best to get the world back to how it once was.

Roleplay Sample:
From Pokémon: Desperate Measures

Kelvin Jones
Mission One
Part three

'Who are you?' I managed to demand despite the searing pain that was burning through my shoulder-blade. I kept my face composed as I sat upwards, carefully avoiding putting any weight on my injured arm. I scanned each of the three men, the one that was bleeding fell unconscious, to the dismay of the others. They didn't seem like Division members, but who knew? Division were a despicable and highly intelligent group. For all I knew, this was a ruse to give me a false sense of security.

'You're Jones right?' one of the men replied quietly, ignoring my question wholly. The man completely ignored me as he was staring at the other man who was currently unconscious, watching seemed to cause him a great deal of pain. The third man just muttered unintelligibly to his unconscious comrade, I assumed he was assuring him that he'd be okay. I wasn't enjoying this, my suspicions were beginning to ebb.

'That's me..' I responded, attempting to make my voice sound neutral. A failed attempt I might add. The worry in my voice was audibly clear. 'What happened to him?' I added reluctantly, I already knew subconsciously but didn't want to give myself away if these weren't the Rebels.

'I hope your happy at causing us all this trouble,' he growled angrily. At this point I was sure that they were Division members. I took a stem back and raised my fists defensively. 'Don't mind him,' the other man said. His voice cracked and I glanced over at him, he was crying. 'We need to get back to HQ,' he continued. I then let my arms drop back to my sides, drawing a laugh from the first man. I responded to this by shooting him a dirty look, to which he was all to happy to return.

Now that I knew these were my allies, I gave each of them a closer look. The first, angrier man was average height and very stocky. He was in either his late 20's, or his early thirties. His features were rather round, his eyes were a muddy brown colour that matched his medium length messy hair. He looked like a physical attacker. The second man, who was currently crying, was very tall and thin. He was somewhat older than the first man, in his late thirties to perhaps his mid forties. His black hair was receding back onto the top of his head and his eyes were a green colour. Each of his features were squared off and he appeared to be very agile. He emitted an aura of knowledge, despite his current emotional state. The third and final male was the last I analyzed, and as soon as I did, I regretted it. He was no older than sixteen, he was as tall as the first man and his black hair was average length, his eyes were a striking green- at that moment I realized how much he looked like the second man, they must have been father and son.

At that moment a surge of pity flooded my body. I couldn't help but gape at the father and his son. The other man caught my attention then and shook his head at me, immediately snapping me out of it. 'We- we need to bring Brooklyn to the hospital in Azaelea..' the teenagers father stuttered.

Both the first man and I exchanged a glance of uncertainty. We both knew that there was a much higher chance of being caught with Brooklyn than without him. 'Theo..' the first man began.

'Don't you dare Peter,' Theo growled angrily taking both me and Peter aback. Apparently this wasn't normal behavior for Theo. Peter seemed to want to avoid the argument, so just nodded. Both Theo and Peter lifted Brooklyn and began to carry him the direction I wasn't going, apparently, I was going the wrong way. I was directed to keep a look out, and cover them to which I obliged. On the journey Peter told me about how they were ambushed by Division members and a majority of them were killed, including the leader. This astonished me, what was I getting myself into?

We didn't come across any other Division members and eventually made it to Azaelea. We entered the city, which was much larger to the tiny island that I was so used to. We made our way to a small home on the outskirts of the town and Peter knocked on the door with a unique rhythm. Moments later the door was opened by a beautiful woman in her mid 20's. She was average height, had chestnut brown hair and eyes the colour of the ocean. She looked beyond us before Theo forced his way inside carrying Brooklyn on his own leaving me and Peter standing there awkwardly. 'Oh you must be Kelvin,' she said politely, 'Where's John?' she asked, a tone of panic in her voice.

I could hear Peter's heart begin to beat faster. 'That's me m'am, nice to meet you,' I said before I turned to Peter quickly waiting for his answer. He opened his mouth only to close it again. After another few seconds of composing himself he began to talk. 'He was killed, along with the rest of the Rebels,' he whispered in a solemn tone. The pain the woman was feeling was clearly evident on her face and she immediately began to burst out in tears before gesturing for us to come inside.
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