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    Hey guys, i've ran through GBATemp's official thread and yours, and haven't found a solution to my problem yet.

    I run black 2 ap'd on the latest no$zoomer. DeSmuMe runs fine-ish but has no configurable throttle and no "no magnification filter" option so it's out of the question (I like pixels).

    With a cheat code I can go past the title screen and the intro, but my Rom crashes at a particular place : just when my mom enters the house.

    Usually it crashes at the title screen (was an issue, is now fixed) or when i hit new game (never had a problem once i had entered the fix AR) but the whole thing crashes at that particular moment.

    I have tried different settings, renders, and different codes as well.
    All the extra's are checked.

    Does anyone know how to fix this ?
    The game is supposed to random freeze like HG but here it's not a freeze it's a full crash.

    Thanks in advance.
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