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Originally Posted by solovino View Post
No problem IMHO If you think a honorable mention is at hand you, well, do the mention. It's only text and a couple of words. Later when you are comfortable doing an emblem and the staff can upload it zero problemo then you hand it... it shouldn't be much of an issue unless it's done posthumously.

Seriously, people. Just have fun. Like, come on, dream's epilogue, I'm sure you are a best writer than I am. I bet there are still at least six misplaced commas in my work but since I couldn't do much better without stressing myself (which is not the idea of the contest I guess...) I decided a <*warning*: promoting myself from this point on> beautiful story of friendship and sportsmanship with some allusions to social nonconformism and the value of historical role models in the development of one's personality end self-promotion /> would be more loable and in the best interest of, well, everybody who would read it... :D

Also, I'm thinking on placing a (virtual)(void in Nebraska) bet on how many entries arrive tomorrow. I can almost envision Gummy and the other reviewers going crazy. Don't ask why... and please don't hit me, my mind assaults me with funnily dirty images sometimes... :lol: :embarrass
I have something planned for all those who enter, but I'll have to flesh out the ideas with Astinus. Oh, and trust me, we reviews are already going crazy. :|

Monotype Fire Challenge
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