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All of them. The right size of Pokedex is the National Pokedex.

I know trading has always been a major factor in Pokemon, and why we've had two versions for every generation. I realise that catching 'em all has become a monumental task now with 800+of the things, but honestly? A part of me always feels like the games are an incomplete experience just because not everything is in there to be caught, and I have to waste time and effort trawling back through older games for specific Pokemon...usually a very large percentage of them, even.

All the way back to Gen II I've felt this. I like being able to "catch 'em all" as the old slogan goes, that's why Blue Rescue Team remains my favourite Pokemon game.

And you know what makes Pokemon games enjoyable or tedious? Variety. The more variety there is, the more chance you'll enjoy yourself, because you'll get to use Pokemon you like, and there will be more ways for you to build your team to your satisfaction. It's very rigid and restrictive to limit the number of Pokemon in a game, to force the player to use things they may not necessarily like or find useful...this is why I struggled with Black and Sun, and why despite disliking it I managed to play through X without much difficulty. Lack of variety for the former, and abundance for the latter.

Regional Pokedexes should be abolished. I'm not saying over-saturate the routes with Pokemon like they did with X and Y, but...we have Day and Night. We have Seasons. We have two versions, and day of the week events, and grass rustling, and gift Pokemon, and Pokemon Radars, and so on. There are PLENTY of ways that they could include every Pokemon in a single generation without oversaturating the routes with them.

If you're asking about the right number of Pokemon in a generation, all I have to say is that there is no right size. Quality is more valuable than quantity, and a bigger number of new Pokemon does not mean anything in proportion to the quality of those new Pokemon. It all comes down to personal preference. In that instance, I'm fine with whatever.
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