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    Originally Posted by P0kelegend View Post
    I forgot to mention, I find the fact that a remix of the Hoenn trainer battle music is in B2W2 very odd. I would expect the Hoenn remixed gym leader theme to be in, because of the World Tournament.. but why is the trainer music in? Hm.

    If you haven't heard it:

    It's ripped from the ROM and legit, as the person who did it also ripped Homika's BGM from the ROM.
    It can be some kind of beta file, maybe they were testing how R/S/E music will sound in gen 5 soundfont and left that track hidden in B2/W2. Could it be preparation for remakes?

    Also, Steven and Roxanne are confirmed to be in B2/W2. They have the same designs like in R/S/E, probably because new designs are saved for remakes.

    Btw, I was surprised when I found out girl protagonists' default name is Mei. Surprisingly similar to May. I know her Japanese name is Haruka, but still, odd similarity.