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After a lot of thought I've finally decided my team :3.
Username:Rainbow Arcanine
Team: Cronulla Sharks

Star Player:
He looks like a Pokemon who is brave and powerful. He has the potential of tackling hard and the ability to score goals easily.

Cheerleader: Ninjask
This little,lively creature looks like someone who is energetic and supportive. He can learn a huge range of sound and non attacking moves. He can learn Screech,Swords Dance,Baton Pass and so much more.It is one of the speediest Pokemon around.
Sharpedo resembles a shark,so he'd definitely be a fitting mascot for the team.

Like his name implies,this guy can make a racket. He can learn ear-blasting moves like Uproar and Hyper Voice.

I chose Gardevoir as a fan due to the fact,how Ralts is shy I am too when meeting new people.
I chose Seaking due to the fact most Australians love seafood and what better to do then the classic fish? Seaking was the one I thought resembled seafood the most,so he became my sponsor.
pineapples are cool.