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    Sinnoh update #1

    "Well Ken! Looks like we finally made it!" I told the Pokemon as I took a look at route 202. As we took our first steps onto the route, I remembered when I had first found Ken.

    It was a warm, sunny day. I was relaxing beside the shore on lake Verity. Suddenly, something caught my eye. It was a blue figure in the water. In it's hands was a strange, blue egg. I quickly identified the Pokemon as a Manaphy. When I approached the Manaphy, it handed me the egg for no reason that I can recall! When the egg finally hatched, it hatched into a Phione instead of a Manaphy like I thought it would. I named the Phione "Ken" after my favorite character in Street Fighter 2. Ever since Ken hatched out of that egg, I have been going to lake Verity every day to show Ken to the Manaphy.

    As we approached the first patch of grass, we were quickly stopped in our tracks by Dawn.
    "Hey Crow! I decided that I'm going to teach you how to catch a Pokemon!"
    I sighed, "I don't need to know how to catch a Pokemon. I'm going with just Ken over here!"
    Dawn giggled, "Don't be silly! Having more Pokemon just adds more fun to the adventure!"
    I sighed again. There was no convincing her to believe that Ken and I are doing this adventure...solo. "Fine! Teach me how to catch a Pokemon! I'll have to catch a HM slave anyway."

    2 minutes later...

    "And that is how use catch a Pokemon!" Dawn said proudly.
    I nodded, "Thats cool! Anyway, I'd better be going to Jubilive city!"
    'It just so happens that I'm heading there too!" Dawn said proudly. "I'll see you there! Bye!"

    And with that, Dawn ran though the grass towards Jubilife city.
    "OK Ken!" This looks like a good place to train!" I told the Pokemon.
    The first thing I did was take out a TM containing the move return. I quickly taught it to Ken. Sadly, Return won't do a lot of damage yet because our friendship still needed some fine-tuning. It is something I plan to work on.

    As for the trainers, they were easy to say the least. Ken plowed though them as fast as he did to wild Pokemon. Ken entered Jubilife city a stronger Phione! Of course, Dawn was waiting for us by the entrance,
    "Crow! I have to show you this cool place! It's called the Pokemon trainers School. You can learn a lot about Pokemon there!" She told me.
    "I think I know enough about Pokemon." I told her.
    "Oh come on! I think I saw your friend, Raven, in there!" She said with a grin.
    my eyes widened, "Raven is in there! Come on! Let's go!" I told her impatiently
    She led me towards the trainers school. As we made it to the door, we noticed a man hiding besides the lampposts
    "Umm...What are you doing? I asked the man.
    The man shuddered backwards in surprise. "Oh-no! You found out that I'm part of the international police force!
    Now it was my turn to shudder back in surprise. "Wait...what now?"
    The man chuckled, "you're a smart kid. For that, I'll give you my name...NO! My code name! Just call me Looker! tell me if you see any strange activity in this area!"

    The man slipped back towards the lampposts and walked away.
    "That was weird!" Dawn told me. Anyhow, the trainer school is right here! I have to go back to professor Rowan's lab see you later!

    After that, I entered the school and walked over to Raven, expecting a battle.
    "Hey Raven! Up for a battle?" I asked him.
    "Nah" He replied. "I'm too busy right now! I have to look up Status problems!"

    To be continued!
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