Thread: [Spoilers] BWS2 017 - Iris vs. Drayden
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Finally having watched the episode in the English dub this morning, I have to say that learning about Iris' past as child growing up in the Village of Dragons and attending Drayden's school was a lot more interesting than the actual match between Iris and Drayden itself.

It was just soooo short, and given the title of the episode, one would expect more time to be focused on the actual battle. While I appreciated learning more about Iris' history, it took up a lot of time. I personally feel like this would have worked better as a two-parter or at least have flashbacks incorporating during the battle.

That being said, I did like the end where Iris learned that both Drayden and the Elder had hopes for Iris to take the place of the new Gym Leader of Opelucid City when she's ready. That was a pretty nice nod to the games.

We're now drawing extremely close to the Unova Leage arc. Only one more episode to go!
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