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    I still have a question to ask, how do you guys manage to make shiny wild pokemon event? I tried to test the shiny event following the instructions in note.html but got this error:
    Exception: SyntaxError
    Message: (eval):2:in `pbExecuteScript'compile error
    (eval):2: syntax error
    Interpreter:238:in `pbExecuteScript'
    Interpreter:1615:in `eval'
    Interpreter:238:in `pbExecuteScript'
    Interpreter:1615:in `command_355'
    Interpreter:467:in `execute_command'
    Interpreter:190:in `update'
    Interpreter:104:in `loop'
    Interpreter:195:in `update'
    Scene_Map:100:in `update'
    Scene_Map:98:in `loop'
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