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    Name: Xavier Harrah

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Species: Demon

    Personality: Xavier is the reserved type, not usually interacting with other people and keeping quiet. Due to not much interaction he has become very observant of environments, people, etc. His father being a scientist and his observance has caused him to become an excellent strategist. He loves his mother very much and will usually try to help around the house, when father is away.

    He absolutely hates people (Any Species) who are loud and most things that are loud. They give him a headache.Although his father has been teaching him survival skills as he was going to be in the drawings soon. He can't really talk to people, unless that person is family. Although he view his father more as a scientist instead as a father. This is because all conversations between him and his father were about science. Whenever Xavier would ask him about something personal his father would avoid it and lead to yet another science discussion. And that most of his knowledge came from his father.

    Appearance: Xavier stands roughly 6,0 matching the muscle for the size. He sports a minor six pack. He has deep brown hair and eyes. His mother likes to compare the color to that of chocolate. His hair is shaggy and falls just over his eyes. His eyes are very sharp, but calm as well if you can catch a glimpse of them. He has a small scar on his left shoulder. It has healed mostly, but if you look closely you can see it.

    The normal attire for Xavier is a black T-shirt with the symbol of Omega on his right shoulder. He wears a pair of black pants to match the shirt. As far as winter wear goes he wears a zipper Heavy coat which is silver with a pokeball symbol on the chest. He wears white winter pants with self insulation and is a tad big on him. And again sports a pair of black gloves with wrist cuffs to keep snow out. And has a pair of insulated boots which have small spikes on the end to climb and hike if the chance comes.

    History: What You Said!

    Elemet: Void

    RP Sample: Taken From Id Est Damnum

    Peaceful. The one word that could describe this realm. Unlike yesterday where Xavier awoke to noise, he woke up to a solemn silence. A gentle wisp flew through the air causing nearby trees to slightly sway. The forest he was in was close by and only had a few pokemon awaking with cheerful chirps. Near Xavier was a small fire made from a few sticks and logs which Omega had started to heat his master. Said pokemon nodded at his now awake master with a small smile. Xavier could only nod back and fell back into the cool embrace of the grass beneath him. This place simply was........peaceful.


    He soon found himself staring at the watch on his wrist, awaiting yet another challenge. Usually a challenge would already be up and would wake him, but now......all he saw was the compass feature on it. "Come on....." Xavier tapped the watch many times before jabbing at it with his fist. It's obvious that the watch had broken......stupid harbinger. With one more jab Xavier stood up, tired of awaiting a challenge.


    After about an hour to wake up Xavier packed up camp and headed back to the forest to set it up once more, so they weren't exposed. Omega hummed silently, and for once, Xavier enjoyed it. It wasn't Omega's usual loud and obnoxious hum, it was one where a swift melody ruled the sound. 'Maybe this solemnness will do us all some good.' Xavier smiled to himself at this and found a right spot to set up the campsite.


    After the setting up of camp Xavier reached out for an apple in his pocket and took a satisfying bite out of it with his mouth. The juice filled his mouth with the bite, which tempted Xavier to take another. 'I can't.' He handed the fruit to Omega who also took a bite from the apple. And just when he reached for his pokeballs to feed the others, a figure entered his eyesight. A teenage girl was lying in a tree sleeping.

    P.S. Sorry for taking so long ;; since it was basically Copy and Paste.

    "Nothing Is true, everything is permitted"

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