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    Here's another guy I'm putting in, Mike's Rival, Jason!

    Name: Jason Mcgee
    Nickname: Scrawny (not called this often, only by Mike)
    Age: 13
    Sex: Male
    Dorm: Suicune Dorm (if I can still put someone in, otherwise Entei Dorm)
    Appearance: Jason is rather small, about 6 inches shorter than Mike, giving him his nickname "scrawny". He has shaved black hair, which looks the same as Mike's, only darker and shorter, with blue-ish green eyes and glasses. Because him and Mike look so similar, many people think they are brothers.

    Again, Jason is rather scrawny, and nowhere near as big as Mike, and as such wears clothes that cover his entire body. He does this due to being very embarrassed about his size. He will always cover his body, the exact opposite of Mike. Sometimes, he'll go as far as to covering everything, head to toe, with several layers of clothing. He is also very nervous and shy anround anyone but family and Mike.

    History: Jason grew up on Lynbrook Island, a different area than where Mike did. At the age of 8, he moved to State N. Isle, where he got heavily bullied. Mike eventually noticed this, and used his Pokemon to ward off the bullies, making them become best friends. Together, the became the top 2 trainers on the island by the age of 11, and even won the local gym badge. Eventually, Drake, the Orange Champion, came into town. Mike fought him, even though Jason advised against it, and lost. Soon after, Mike left for the PTA. Jason, having no other friends, begged to go with Mike to the school, but his parents denied. However, in the middle of the night, Jason sneaked of to the academy on a raft he had made that same day. Jason's goal at the academy was to simply be there with Mike, his only friend.
    First, Blazer the Combusken. Jason, when living on Lynbrook Island, made no friends, and felt very left out. However, he one day befriended a Torchic, about 1 week before moving, and named her Blazer, still to this day assuming it is a boy. Blazer is very nice and loyal, doing good deeds for everyone around her, not just Jason. She is rather powerful, around the strength of a normal Blaziken, and is deceivingly small, much like Jason. She is currently level 29 with the moves Bulk up, Peck, Double Kick, Sunny Day, Return, and Protect.

    Next, Bulbs the Ivysaur. Bulbs was the starter Jason got from his dad, who was unaware of Blazer at the time. Bulbs is mean most of time, and is especially aggressive in battles, even more so than an angry Fang! However, despite being aggressive, it has poor defense, barely able to take a few hits. Currently he is level 28 with the moves Growth, Leech Seed, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf and Frustration.

    Finally, there's Multi the Eevee. Multi was a prize Jason got for winning one of the local State N. Isle tournaments, where Mike came second. Multi is a very innocent Eevee, one of the nicest you will ever see. It hates fighting (which is ironic given the context of how it was obtained), and will even play dead so Jason will believe it fainted and return him. It is very weak, though, so even if he wanted to fight, he would do poorly. He is currently level 25 with the moves Bite, Quick Attack, Take Down, Sand Attack, Hidden Power and Protect.

    Alright, that's everything! I hope both my characters get accepted into PTA!!! :)
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