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Originally Posted by whatsgoindown View Post
Thanks for the info donnavannj.

For the PSA cards, what would be pricing comparison between a non First Edition and a First Edition?
You mentioned that the PSA Dark Raichu would be worth $40-50 and the PSA Shining Charizard is worth $70-85, how much would non-First Edition equivalents cost.

Considering that getting PSA grading costs $20-40, would you say that it's really not worth it to have gotten these cards PSA graded in the first place?

What would be the price of an un-graded Mint First Edition Dark Raichu, and Near Mint First Edition Shining Charizard?

The last two PSA 9 non-first edition Dark Raichu cards went for about $18 and $19.
Non-1st Edition version of Shining Charizard seems to be the one at $70 to $85. The 1st Edition PSA graded versions haven't sold in a month, but someone was trying to list one for $315 and someone else was trying to list a bundle at $485 for both the 1st edition and the unlimited print.

Un-graded 1st edition Shining Charizard fetches $100 to $130.

Ungraded 1st Edition Dark Raichu is $12 to $18.

Originally Posted by someguy388 View Post
What would be a reasonable price to sell all of these cards at in one big group? And would I get much more if I sold them all individually?
PokeTour Pikachu would be a good bet to sell individually ($20 apiece is what it seems to be fetching), as might your undamaged Ninetales, Venusaur, Dark Gyarados, Magneton, Pichu (which, by the way, is probably not a promo - it's probably from the Neo Genesis set if it's got 2 white stars as the set symbol), and Clefairy, but the rest you could probably sell for $30 to $40 and likely sell it. It might feel a bit undervalued to you, but those rares you list are lucky to fetch $1 apiece.

Originally Posted by Kai™ View Post
Got my booster box and sad to say the best pulls I got where non full art lugia ex and non full art cobalion ex, both from plasma gale. Any idea on the price of these
Japanese Lugia EX: $15 to $20
Japanese Cobalion EX: $10 to $15

Originally Posted by judah196 View Post
How much are these worth:

Legendary collection
Gengar shiny 80hp 11/110

houndoom G lv. 45 90hp 50/127

Rising Rivals
Flareon shiny lv. 38 80hp 19/111

Ex team rocket returns
Dark marowak 70hp 7/109

Rising rivals
Quagsire GL lv. 34 90hp 76/117
Only doing 5 of these for now, as that's all I've got time for.

... on second thought, I can't tell what you mean by shiny. Do you mean the picture has a holofoil pattern, or that the rest of the card has a holofoil pattern? That makes a difference in the price.
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