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So, I wrote this one last night. There's a lot I want to say about this one, but if I tried, I'd probably just end up sounding dumb. So I'll just let you guys read it.
A Phantom's Asylum
The spoken word
I hear as I fall
The rain on my face
Washes away my tears
I close my eyes
As my soul cries out
Her eyes I don't see
And might never again

A broken hand
Rests on my shoulder
As night, falling,
Begins to surround me
And my heart
Screaming agony
Its voice is lost
In the waves of her tears

All through dark nights
As dim stars mock me
I see the hatred
Of both heaven and hell

Her ghost walks the earth
Alone in spirit, mind,
A shade in the grey
That should never have been
Her eyes scream in pain
As the asylum of night
Clouds her face from my sight
And leaves me to burn

A candle-burning flame
Ignites in my heart
Yet it fades all too soon
Like a star in the night
All I see is you
And I feel the alone

So, yeah...
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