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Here's the final piece of my song Darkness.

Darkness Part 4: Dawn
A swiftly moving shadow
Torturing my mind in reckless hatred
I turn away
The sunlight clouded by the darkness
Aching to be free from this painful curse

Hear the music flowing through the forest
Its words of ancient liberty
See the darkness turn its gaze away
It fears the song may make anew the dawn

I force myself to stop
Despite fear clawing at my breaking heart
And I cry out
I see your face crumbling in darkness
Only to rise from your smoldering ashes

I hear the crying of the angels
And their tears heal the broken soil
The darkness tries to bring its shadows
But is too late for dawn is almost hear

I walk free among the ashes
The piece of me that ached is burned away
I know those I loved are gone
But all does not depart inside my heart
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