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    ∣ "Solo"
    Dorm Room

    Chapter Three: Part Two
    The Bond

    Effect: Asprin 2/3

    Solo watched Eva quietly, shrugging after she spoke. "I feel like I should be protecting you..." He blinked slowly, silent for a moment. "I'm not even completely sure why, but that's how I feel." Eva explained his reluctance to violence. "I've always used violence... Though it was usually for self-defense. I use intimidating looks to hopefully prevent any fighting, but some people don't fall for it and fight me anyway." He rested his head on one knee. "I got my a** kicked three times today... And you saved me from two of them." He gazed out the window, taking another drink of water. "I just wanted to be alone, but no one gave me that privilege... Yet now..." He closed his eyes for a few seconds, relaxing his posture. "Now... I wouldn't mind having one person beside me."

    Solo had climbed up to his bunk, the top one, and listened to Eva's admittedly very personal question."Amelia... I can't believe I said that out loud." He shook his head slightly. "Amelia was my sister... A year younger than myself." Even repeating this reminded him of both fond and unpleasant memories, both of which were noticeable in his expression. It was only then that he came to a sudden realization. "The reason I feel the need to protect you... I think you remind me of her." He seemed quiet, distant in his thoughts for just a second. "Your voice and your personality both remind me of her."

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