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    Evan Lee Gildred

    “I-I remind you of your sister?” He asked in a sheepish voice as he looked up at Solo in his bunk, feeling even smaller than he already was. Thoughts raged through his head as he wavered between clasping and unclasping his hands in nervousness. Solo had said “was my sister”. Past tense, former, no longer relegated to the present, no longer ‘is’ my sister. Heart skipping a beat, he looked away from his friend and cast his eyes aside as he knew what that probably meant. There was no other logical way for Eva’s mind to conclude. In his experience, unless it was a slip up, ‘was’ is never used when talking about somebody who was still alive or near to you in any way. A million questions came flooding to his mind as he debated whether it was okay to ask them. He felt like he could trust Solo and that he himself was now trusted by the other, but would it be too personal? Would Solo respond favorably to him rifling through his past in what would inevitably be a painful answer?

    “I’m flattered,” he ended up saying, the answer as truthful as he could be. He had never been compared like that to somebody who seemed to be cherished by another. Not having any siblings himself, it truly was a valued comparison. It was obvious by Solo’s expression that there were both fond and excruciating experiences locked away in his memory of Amelia, as Eva had expected if his assumption was correct. Not sure what to say, they both remained there in silence, not uttering a word between them for what seemed like the longest time. Rubbing his hand up and down his left arm, a reassuring gesture as he debated what to say, he looked up at Solo once again.

    “W-well, it’s getting late, I guess I should be going, right?” He gestured to the door with his thumb like he was trying to hitch a ride. “I should let you get some sleep.” Eva walked to the door and sat down on the floor to slip on his boots once again. Standing and casting another glance at Solo, he reached for the door handle and began to turn it before stopping and dropping his head once again. He didn’t know why, but he had to ask. The question would just keep him awake all night anyway and he didn’t much relish the thought of going back to his room and facing Ashling right now.

    “W-what h-happened to her? I mean, if I’m not prying too much, I’d like to know. You talk about her in the past tense, so surely, something had to have happened...” Not even looking at Solo, he asked the question to the floor, his gaze unmoving and focused as if he was ashamed to even have asked it.
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