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Allister Curtis

Allister was about as flustered as he ever got. He had sprinted through most of the school grounds and was quite exhausted from the ordeal, but it was fairly important that he tested his spell.
Where th... Of course, he has probably gone to the region shop.

Allister took off at his fastest pace, which was painfully slow next to a werewolf or several other faster yokai, hoping to find Gavin there before the deva mage could vanish again. He ran past the main buildings and the dorms before he finally could see the schools private shopping mall, and walking from the building; Gavin.

"Hey!" Allister called out running to him, fairly sick of having to deal with so many people in his preparations, but Gavin was tolerable.
"Sorry to bother you again" he stopped for a moment, panting heavily, to catch his breath "but... I need you to help me tes-t a spell." He paused yet again finally slowing his breathing to normal
"Don't worry, you really can help me with this one, I more or less will just need you to try and blow me up, but I need you to come back to my dorm room before my room mate gets back if we are going to try this... Oh, I like the new glove... but why the white hair?"
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