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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I wonder if any of those songs matched what I tagged on Shazam lol. I have a list 25 or songs long so far (As I'm not done tagging). One song I liked in particular: Steal My Sunshine by Len. That song made my childhood.
I love that song! haha

LEN always makes me think of Digimon: The Movie (aka the best movie ever) because of the Kids in America song. I can't remember if LEN is the original artist or if it's a cover, though...

Now I want to go watch Digimon: The Movie. ;~;

Originally Posted by sammi-san View Post
I did this recently myself. And by did this, I mean, I ripped my copy of Now 7 onto my computer. I still don't recognize like half the songs on it. Only one of the songs on it gets played on our local station's retro lunch hour (Nelly's Ride Wit Me).

I've got like 3 other CDs in my case I keep meaning to play and see if there's anything worth adding to my music collection. Sadly I wasn't into buying CDs when I was younger. :(
Duuuude! Sammi, can you believe it's on like NOW 47 or something ridiculous now?? I remember when the FIRST one came out. :( oh god we're getting so old.
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