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Originally Posted by Ausaudriel View Post
Duuuude! Sammi, can you believe it's on like NOW 47 or something ridiculous now?? I remember when the FIRST one came out. :( oh god we're getting so old.
I KNOW! I get into this conversation every time I bring up those CDs. I'm a bit amazed it's still around at all.

It's all probably still 1 or 2 songs that'll actually be popular in the long run and then a bunch of songs that were on the top 40 charts for awhile but no one will care about later. :p

Originally Posted by Ryoutarou
What always surprised me more than the longevity of those stupid Now compilations was the longevity of Kidz Bop. (and how they used so many inappropriate songs)
I will never, ever get why people buy Kidz Bop.

But then again I am not usually a fan of covers. :(
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