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Tinkering with items like the Teachy TV and such has been somewhat limited. Routines to edit the items use are feasible. But mainly for those with an understanding of ASM. Personally, I think though you could get around this by using some shortcuts if the item works like I think it does. Being a hacker with only a small skill in ASM I do not know how to locate the offsets to each routine and such but I think if you could work around the way these items work you could use them for your advantage.

Items which I consider advanced:

  • Teachy TV
  • VS Seeker
  • Fame Checker

Now I will be using the Teachy TV as an example. I believe it works in these steps.

  1. Launch TV Routine.
  2. Prompt of what episode to watch.
  3. Routine to load episode and *place border around scene*
  4. An independent script runs a person doing something and showing you how. (So you could edit this if you found where the script was is my idea.)
  5. Once finished you are prompted again to choose a new vid.


So now this is where a community effort comes in, if you know anything to do with the info above or anything to do with it then you can correct me on how it works or elaborate on my steps (if they are correct >:])
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