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    Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
    Hi everybody, I'd be glad to join :pink_smile:

    Name: Mentalii

    Partner Pokémon: Lugia, the Guardian of the Sea, THE Silver Version Pokémon, the mythic legendary bird, the... Ok ok I stop !

    To answer to the (I believe) last topic, I wouldn't like to mess with any legendaries ... Ok it's a simple answer but seriously, I guess that an angry Groudon is as dangerous as an angry Regigigas ... :pink_confused: Ok, if I really have to choose, I'd pick Rayquaza. It's a very scaring Pokémon. But I like it nevertheless :pink_nod:

    And now some Pokémon of The Week pics :


    Another Lugia trainer :O Welcome to the club!!

    I love that Kyogre punching Groudon in the face. He'd better RUN if Groudon gets angry! haha

    Regigigas is slow though, would he really be much of a threat if he didn't know Earthquake? lol

    If anything, I would NEVER get in the way of Darkrai. I wouldn't want to have Bad Dreams!