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    I was going to respond to your post like normal, and then I clicked your spoiler. So many Cherrims!

    I would love for them to bring back the ability to do exploration tasks before you get to them. I HATE that change and I very nearly quit the site because of the way the admins handled it. I'm still not pleased with it. <_<; I've stopped doing explorations because of it, pretty much. I'm still mad about it.
    This. I absolutely hated that change. It's taking me a long time to do explorations now (or I just don't do them) because of this change. I don't have much time to work on explorations like I used to, and being able to work on tasks ahead of time was a giant help to me finishing them. Now it's just so difficult to fit in the time to do so much clicking. Not only are there now the clicking tasks (which I can still get done quickly) but now there's more clicking to be done in order to raise Pokemon for leveling tasks. Or to try and get enough people to do the feeding tasks.

    I'm hoping that with my rearranged work schedule I can finally get the Mew exploration done this month. Fortunately, I only needed to do one of the explorations this month.

    And because of my lack of time, I didn't sign up for the May Shiny Hunt. I didn't finish the last one in time, and I'd like to get my current shiny hunts done before starting new ones.