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    Dallas Yukira: Breeding and Eggs Class

    Dallas' eyes doubled in size at Brock's offer to allow them to have their own egg. He had seen eggs before and some times, his father had even checked on a few, when he was home, when the Pokemon Center was full of travelers during winter storms or when the Pokemon Center was just unable to do so or if trainers couldn't make it to the Pokemon Center. Even with all of that, he had never taken care of his own egg. It would greatly increase his experience with breeding.

    After Brock had finished laughing Dallas spoke, "Seriously! I will definitely take an egg! It will help with one of my goals of becoming a breeder."

    Dallas looked at the eggs for a moment, but he couldn't decide which one to take. There were so many and he wanted it to be special. So he waited for one of the eggs to call him. There was purple with black swirls, blue with red spots, white with different shapes on it. There was just so many eggs. There was no way he could plan for what he got. He had wished he had seen more eggs hatched in the past to see what was possible, but it was rare for him to ever see eggs, let alone for them to hatch.

    He looked at Rylie, "Hmm. Rylie, I think that may be your name, do you want to choose first? I can't choose at the moment. There are so many options! I mean all pokemon are awesome, but I just don't know what to choose." Dallas finished, waiting for Rylie to answer.
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