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    Originally Posted by morthen View Post
    What i mean by that is the super-effective damage and typings.
    Using flamethrower against cloyster and lapras is "not very effective", though it should be neutral, because of ice type.
    Gyarados takes super-effective damage to ice attacks, when it should be neutral.
    I think i forgot at least one more that is messed up, cant remember right now.

    Also, why is my Articuno taking super-effective damage from submission?
    Articuno is an Ice Type and Submission is a Fighting move. Realistically, it should take neutral damage due to its Flying Typing but Generation 1 is odd. Case in point: Zapdos takes Super-Effective Electric Attacks despite being an Electric Type(wherein it should be at best neutral). There’s also Nidoqueen and Nidoking taking Not Very Effective Damage from Grass Attacks(wherein it should be neutral). Also Gyrados takes little Damage from Grass attacks despite being a Water Type(Flying Typing must be dominant, hence why Ice does Super Effective Damage).

    Also Bug moves on Poison are shall we say different in Gen 1. Same with Ghost on Psychic.
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