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    I know it is not "too serious", but everyone is getting their kicks endlessly insulting good is really annoying!

    Definitely not just Jolteon though....Hoot Hoot and Noctowl are two of the worst sprites I have ever seen (not topping ADV Haunter ^_^). "Dear God" status to Gengar and Electrode ;____; The shading is off on a lot of stuff too (even Gyarados mentioned below, but the rest of that one is so hilarious and powerfully posed that it is fine).

    The only ones I can really say I liked from all of HGSS are Raikou, Muk, Lugia, Raticate, and Gyarados. Those are all really positive designs...which makes it all the more frustrating that they do not care to put that effort in on every monster.
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