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    I took a look and the following sprites are weird (too lazy and tired to post pictures)

    Kakuna (why does it have claws if it can barely attack)
    Pidgey family (okay...)
    Wigglytuff is a perv
    Golbat (for the 11112nd time!)
    Vileplume (it must have stopped eating)
    Diglett and Dugtrio were made by MS Paint
    Machop family (all of them look bad)
    Graveler (it has 4 arms and legs, it's standing on it's arms!)
    Slowbro (think about it, us pervs)
    Gastly has no body (but Haunter is awesome)
    Exeggcute (steroids)
    Chansey is too thin
    Mewtwo is not the "most epic pokemon you'll ever face"
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