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    Tackle's Sprite Mall


    Heyo costumers, and welcome to my Sprite Mall! Well this is my 5th Sprite Shop, sounds terrible. =/
    But this time, I have many free times because the exam is finished. =) So don't worry that I'll close this again so early. =)
    Please, read the Rules before requesting!

    1. All PokéCommunity rules applied.
    2. Spam aren't acceptable.
    3. Three requests per day.
    4. All Questions can be asked via PM.
    5. Rushing me isn't a good idea, be patient.
    6. If you don't like the result, you can request a redo. =D
    7. Use the forms please? Or I'll ban you!
    8. Please don't request thing that's IMPOSSIBLE TO DO. =/
    9. I'll send a PM when requests are done. =)

    None yet. =)

    Request Forms

    ♪ Recolors ♪

    Type: Recolors
    Username: Tackle
    Pokémon: Skiploom
    Palette: Marill
    Notes: -----

    ♪ Splices ♪

    Type: Splices
    Username: Tackle
    First Pokémon: Pikachu
    Second Pokémon: Rufflet
    Palette: Pikachu
    Notes: -----

    ♪ Revamps♪

    Type: Revamps
    Username: Tackle
    Pokémon: Flaafy
    Notes: -----

    ♪ Devamps ♪

    Type: Devamps
    Username: Tackle
    Pokémon: Sentret
    Notes: -----

    ♪ Infernos ♪

    Type: Infernos
    Username: Tackle
    Pokémon: Reshiram
    Notes: -----

    ♪ PokéBalls ♪

    Type: PokéBalls
    Username: Tackle
    Pokémon: Kricketot
    Notes: -----

    ♪ Userbars ♪

    Type: Userbars
    Username: Tackle
    Pokémon: Grovyle
    Background Color: Grovyle's leaves' Green.
    Font: Any font. =)
    Text: Hoenn Region Pokémon Fan Club
    Notes: -----

    ♪ Avatars ♪

    Type: Avatars
    Username: Tackle
    Render: Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece.
    Background Color: Pink
    Size: 130x130
    Notes: -----

    Done Requests

    Terms of use
    Sprites in this Shop are mine, you all can use them however you want, but please don't claim it's yours. =)



    Feel free to VM / PM me, I'll be sure to reply your messages!

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