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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I think we'll see more of this in the future. Not necessarily in this format, but against people with autism, people with disabilities, people with minds that work differently from the majority of people. They're "acceptable targets" in the minds of a lot of people. After all, no one is mad because the kid is black, or Jewish, or gay, so it's okay to complain and criticize, right? (That is not my opinion, just to be clear.)
You bring up an extremely good point. Reminds me of how on facebook you see posts that make fun of people with some sort of disability, both mental and physical. There was one post I saw that was all about "funny" ways to hurt blind people, and not only were these incredibly stupid (the blind person wouldn't fall for 90% of them) but it just shows that people think this **** is okay.

I mean, I know there are jokes out there that are passively funny about any disability. My blind friends joke about it, I joke about it to them, we joke about my autism, little **** like that. But there's a difference between a light hearted politically incorrect joke and downright meanness. I just don't get why someone who can't even help the way they are is an acceptable target.

But oh god! If you make fun of fat people, or people who are so religious that they deny every piece of scientific literature out there that doesn't take the Bible literally (i.e. all of them), that's TERRIBLE. YOU'RE A HORRIBLE PERSON. FAT PEOPLE CAN'T CONTROL THEIR WEIGHT AND RELIGIOUS PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO THEIR BELIEFS. OH MY GERD WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE

Sometimes I wonder if the logical, systematic way I observe situations like this isn't part of a disability but actually what everyone else is doing wrong. If everyone just gave other people a chance, and methodically determine if that person is worth your time, instead of assuming that people with problems are animals then I think the world would be a better place.
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