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    Name: Taichi "Tai" Skylit

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Tai Skylit is an average heighted 14 year old boy. He sports a Pokémon League Expo hat that sits on top of his long bushy hair that falls down to the bottom of his collar. He wears black hobo fingerless gloves that look like they are as old as Arceus. He wears a tan green woollen hoodie with pockets on the inside for holding objects of interest. His bag being the most prominent feature of his attire featuring just one strap, it is bright yellow with a Pokémon League Emblem on it from first glance there is 3 pockets but there is 5 with 2 on the sides for holding snacks and what not inside the bag it is black with a red lunchbox with a pokeball insignia on it. Underneath his Hoodie is a black t-shirt featuring a robot head with the letters RX-79-2 underneath in white, ge wears white ankle socks along with large black shoes with a logo on them. He wears blue denim jeans that go over his shoes and down under neath the heel of his shoes this provides protection from the harsh environment.

    His hair is dead black and straight he sports a metro haircut. His eyes are hazel brown, his ears are impossible to see under his hair. He has tan/olive skin.

    History/Backstory: Tai is the grandson of Joey (oh yes he is! MWAHAHA I am top percent) who was one of the "Friends" of Kenta/Gold/Jimmy/Ethan the trainer who defeated Team Rocket and even beat the legendary trainer... red.
    Tai was born in Blackthorn City to the son of Joey named Joe and his wife Shanti. They moved from Blackthorn not long after his birth to Violet City, where his grandfather Joey works at the Pokemon Academy. But when he reached the age of 6 his grandfather urged his family to enrol Tai into the Pokemon Academy, but they had a different lifestyle planned out for Tai. Since this was the great turn from Pokemon to "Modernization", Tai was sent to the local school. Once primary school was over he was given an option, either go to a normal high school or enrol in the Pokemon Academy. Tai chose the Academy because it was his dream to become a Pokemon Breeder, this made his grandfather very happy. Tai soon learnt why his parents seemed to be tired of his grandfather, he would always rattle on about his top percent rattatta. It quickly bored Tai out in his first year but luckily in the next grade he was without his grandfather. The Pokemon Academy was not the best school in Tai's opinion he wanted to be a more hands on person rather than reading text books on how to perfect rattatta's his skills as a trainer. When he reached his 3rd year of school he was excited because this was where electives came in, he was able to choose whatever he wanted and obviously Tai chose Pokemon Breeding and the Pokemon History courses. He was only 14 in year 9, this didn't matter to Tai because the faster to his dreams he could get he would take it.
    When Tai turned 15 the next year his grandfather told him that he had sent a letter to an old "friend" of his the retired Pokemon Professor, Prof. Elm, Joey had sent a letter to train to become a pokemon breeder talent to meet him at his house east of Route 29, this would be a 2 hour journey so with the permission of his parents Tai gathered his things, A Town Map, A guide to pokemon and some sandwiches for the journey. Even though Tai would probably eat them as soon as he left the house.

    Personality: Tai is an average teenager trying to become an individual, he enjoys his food a little too much but loves his exercise just as much he is an easy going guy who has a fear of bug pokemon stemming from the movie he saw at the age of 4 called "The Night Weedle attacked". He is an open person always willing to listen to criticism and even just to listen to peoples problems. He has a very little grasp on the world and what it is really like due to having a sheltered childhood. He is very serious at times of seriousness a prime example of this is when he gets into trouble, though he is smiling underneath he knows when to put a serious face on. He has many bad habits like forgetting to shut the door, biting his fingernails when he is bored, snacking in the middle of the night and probably his worst is playing with his hair and running his fingers through it. He enjoys to crack a joke especially puns (the majority of the jokes I can come up with on the spot are puns sorry everyone). Tai can be very co-operative and he can also work great on his own, one of the skills he learnt in school. Tai dislikes anything sweet, food and stuff that isn't food. He is not very competitive when it comes to school and sport this being one of the reasons he is very laid back and easy going (I won't spill everything on why he is so laid back 'cause that is for the roleplay). When a challenge comes along depending on his mood Tai will tackle it or he will just go do something else because he can't be bothered.

    Starter: Eevee

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Djinn

    Personality: Djinn is a very cheerful little furrball who is as easily scared by ghost pokemon as the next normal-type. He dislikes anything spicy which is something Tai and Djinn don't have in common. He is Brave natured and not afraid to stand up for his friends even at times when they don't need it, he also dislikes staying in a pokeball.

    Appearance: Djinn is the same as every other Eevee except he has blue eyes and has a white tinge to the tip of his tail. He also has a larger mane than a normal Eevee because of the cold weather it was born in.
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