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    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    When you compare images from January to the images that surfaced this month, you can really see how much the graphics have improved. Alright so it's not a staggering amount but you can see the little details that have changed which make the games look much more appealing.
    It went from an eyesore to acceptable. That's a good improvement.

    Still pretty bad, though. I get what they're going for but it's just really ugly. Look at the repeated textures, the low poly count and the JAGGIES. We need anti-aliasing here, it'd be a BIG improvement. Pokemon models are ugly, humans are fine though. I dig it. What's up with the lighting and shadows though...

    As far as graphics go they look good for the system.
    No they don't. This is the same system that gave us Donkey Kong Country Returns and Luigi's Mansion 2.

    EDIT: Just noticed the poll. WHOA there. To think graphics doesn't matter is totally fine, but calling it good? Er...
    EDIT2: Can I say I really don't like the art style too? Better than B/W, but it's really...I dunno, uninspired and bland? Even New Super Mario Bros has a better art style imo...

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