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    Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
    Problem is that Team Rocket was revived in new region (Johto). Team Plasma was revived with two factions, one of them was completely new, and new Pokemon (Kyurem) in possession. See what I mean? Both of those teams were revived with something new. In Aqua/Magma case, nothing would be new. Same region and same Pokemon in possession. That's not good enough for sequel imo.
    Your opinion on what is good enough for a sequel doesn't prevent gamefreak from doing something interesting with the same stuff.
    Or heck if they combined the ideas "reusing Hoenn" and "new generation, new handheld", and made gen VI located in new Hoenn+new places, they could even give them different pokes.
    And if not, they could still add more of the 450 non-Hoenn pokes to mix it up a bit.

    Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
    To begin with, I said only about Unova that it had vast of unused space left to be used in B2/W2, the same like Kanto had before introduction of Johto in G/S. And yes, even after expansions Kanto and Unova still have plenty of unused space. Hoenn or Sinnoh would be too crowded after addition of new cities.
    Hoenn looks like it cannot be expanded because you are looking at the GBA map with the RSE template.
    Simply using BWs template for example would allow for a handful of towns without it being too crowded, but the maps would also be bigger.

    Or they could make Hoenns map just one half of the full new Hoenn map.
    They can do whatever they come up with in this case.

    And as pointed out, Yamaji town. Even I would have never thought they would squeeze it in there, but they did.

    Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
    How Game Freak could ever admit they put hints in games? They won't admit it, the same like they won't tell what game they are working on now. Until official announcement of course. Btw, hints for G/S remakes turned out to be accurate.
    Its not even comparable.
    There was data in DP for pokemon "from Johto (Gold)" and "from Johto (Silver)".
    That is serious stuff.

    Red and blue flags are not.

    I mean, there is a difference between meaningless hints and intentional hype making hints.

    For example: the Red Gyarados on the TV at the beginning of DP.
    Every single person on the planet who saw that, was reminded of GS. That was the intention.

    When you see a red and blue flag in front of a building, however, it is meaningless. Only the 5 people who are depserately looking for "hints" will even consider them to be hints.

    Also, the intentional references (not merely vague meaningless hints) would probably occur in the same generation as the remakes are made.
    Gen 5 is finished. The DS is finished.
    Whatever is next, it will be new. Doesn't matter if it will involve Hoenn. Everything is realistic except normal simple RS remakes.