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Pokemon White 2
OT: Lilith 32323
Game Time: 7:20

Plasma Grunts blocked the Nimbasa exit, so I owned them with Drilbur. It evolved right after this battle, yay. I also defeated Heartbreaker Charles easily and Elekid evolved into Electabuzz!

I breezed on past Driftveil to go train on Route 6. By the time I made it to the entrance to Chargestone Cave, Golbat evolved.

While in Chargestone Cave, I found a Tynamo pretty easily. It's on the team for now, but I end up neglecting some of these Pokemon. I would like to trade myself a Clamperl/Huntail for Clay, but I may just have to train Petilil more. Hmm.

the party
:: Keiran the Electabuzz :: Level 30
:: Mac the Crobat :: Level 30
:: Syd the Petilil :: Level 22
:: Eeveon the Eevee :: Level 18
:: Platinum the Excadrill :: Level 31
:: Zetty the Tynamo :: Level 28