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Totally did not just copy that from my signature. :3

Anyway, I think I'm only gonna start from what I did yesterday/today, despite having done a lot overall. xD I probably should have started the travel journal as soon as I started playing the game to be honest.
  • I went into Pinwheel Forest. It feels nice coming back, and it seems ages since I last visited (probably because I think the last time I went in there was to get Virizion in Pokemon B/W and that was aaaaages ago.)
  • After helding south ad then west, I run into a familiar face. Oh, it's Cheren! :D He decides to come with me to search for a Team Plasma member in Pinwheel Forest. Mmmm, okay. But Plasma in Pinwheel Forest.... that seems awfully familiar.
  • I decide to travel around the forest, battling several Pokemon trainers. I finally come across a clearing where one of the Sages from Pokemon Plasma appears. I honestly couldn't remember him until he mentioned the Dragon Skull from Pokemon Black/White. Cheren bids farewell and I'm left alone. Forever alone. :[
  • After searching the forest for a bit and finally finding how to get the PP max since I didn't know the guy who was blocking the way had move, I finally head east and leave the forest.
  • Ooooh, even more Familiar territory. I battle the trainers on this route and head to the Fighting Rock or whatever it's called. Luckily I have Lucario so I can get the starpiece. :D
  • I then head to Nacrene City. Heading to the Gym straight away, I get approached by Uxie. Okay, bring it on!
  • Well, that was harder than I thought. :x While Mesprite was pretty easy, Uxie was much more tedious, and I used >a lot< more balls. Yeah, emphasis on a lot. But I caught him eventually, so it's all good. Now to head into the... 'gym.'
  • Well, I lied. The museum is still there, but the Gym is not a Gym anymore- just a library. Well, that sucks. :<
  • I get given a fossil, and they explicitely mention that the meteorite can change Deoxy's forme this time by the tour guide. Strange. I could have sworn they never did in the original Pokemon Black/White. Not only that, but they usually don't mention event Pokemon (especially from other generations) that much either because of their rarity. Maybe it's because I have a Deoxys, maybe it's because I'm secretly a ninja, who knows... (one of those statements may have been a lie, but I'm not saying which. :P)
  • I then head into the Gy... Library. I mean library, and then approach Lenora. I then get a flashback where her, Burgh and Clay (Burgh mentions something about fathers and then Clay walks in... me being me thought "ooooh, Clay is Burgh's father" but no, that's not it. Anyway, it wasn't the best flashback, but still pretty nice (I guess?)
  • Figuring there is not much left to do in Nacrene city, I depart. :)
  • I then head to the route to the east. I battle a couple of trainers but I notice Charlotte, my Galvantula is hurt so I just ignore the rest for now and head to the Pokemon Centre in Striaton City.
  • Blah, blah, Stunfisk. Also, some girl was getting a bit too excited over my medals. Anyway, I talk to Clyde the Gym Guide outside of the Gy... oh, restaurant. Why can't they just stay as Gyms?!? :< Anyway, I then head to the Pokemon Centre.
  • I then get distracted of course and decide to head to the Dreamyard. Not only that, but I STILL forgot to heal my Pokemon. Great, just great... I hear a cry and then Latias (my favourite Lati by the way) approaches me. I then follow it. There is NO WAY I'm letting this thing get away. >:D
  • After soaring around the Dreamyard for a while, it finally settles down. However, me being me, I forget to save. Okay, do not kill it, do not kill it...
  • I lead off with my (injured) Galvantula to the tune of desperation. I use Bug Buzz which harshly lowers its health to the low yellow zone. Good! But now, do I try and get it lower or just throw balls until capture?
  • Ooooh, pick B! Pick B! Yeah, I tried to lower it's health. xD Using Galvantula, I used a risky Slash. The health is getting lower, and lower, and lower...




    ... and it's...

  • Okay, I'll stop milking it now. ^^ It gets so close to being a KO, but no. Luckily it lives. I have a Quick Ball, so i lead off with that. Nothing. :x It's gonna be Uxie all over again. After countless Ultra Balls, I am able to catch it. It feels good having one of my favourite legendaries. :)

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