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    I have always wanted a Rock/Poison type pokemon with levitate, it has a 4x weakness to earthquake but levitate nullifies its ground weakness. I would like a pokemon with this typing is gen 6, and NOT terrible!!!!!!!!

    Speaking of new pokemon, you all have probably seen it, but I'll post it anyway:

    What do you think of these possible pokemon? Please, give me your thoughts!
    I personally like the birdie, he looks so badass, and I hope his final evolution ends up being a kickass bird similar to Staraptor, NOT Unfezant!!! And that facial expression just screams "Does it LOOK like I give a ****?"
    I think that bug thing just looks stupid, but you never know, after all that stupid Shelmet evolves into ACCELGOR!!!!! But yeah, until otherwise the bug sucks.

    (BTW sorry if this has already been done before :nervous:)
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