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Dear Anonymous,

So, we've gotten to this point now, have we? Well well well, what can I say? You've caused me a ****load of pain, that's for sure. I've already went to my boss about it, but I don't know if he's going to do what I really want him to do: to finally fire your ass for you douchebaggery. How dare you talk **** behind my back to most of my friends, who, must I remind you, are my friends, and a good majority of them don't even like you, dude.

Let me emphasize that, and possibly re-word:

A good majority of this restaurant doesn't even like you. Let that sink in for a minute. You're condescending, rude, and you flirt way too much with girls who don't even like you in the slightest. And yes, I would know, I hang around the girls more than the guys, anyway. They think you have a really gross personality, with gross working habits to match. Honestly, you're just a mess and you have no right to be telling me what to do. Just please re-examine yourself before you go stepping on someone else's toes lmfao because you literally have -no clue- how badly we laugh at you for attempting to make people look bad.

Also, please stop being a kissass. You're not a supervisor, and probably never will be with that attitude. Either way, I have 2 weeks left and if I don't get part-time (which honestly, I don't really mind all that much), then it'll be good riddance not seeing you again. Just really, get out of my face, and get out of my life, more importantly.

I'll be chasing waterfalls tonight