Seen September 8th, 2019
Posted September 8th, 2019
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I made an account on this board just to tell you how awesome this hack is. Gorgeous level design (love the variety of environments, from creepy forests to blooming trees), creative ideas that make the game fun to explore, beautiful sprites, catchy original music and not a single line of cringy dialogue in sight! It's obvious that you put a great deal of love and care in this game, and it would be awesome to play a full version of this hack eventually.

That being said, there are a couple of issues I noted. I don't know if you know about these already, please take these as constructive criticism:

Poison powder does not work. It's pretty funny actually, every time a Pokémon uses it on you, the "X uses poison powder!" dialogue box pops up, no animation plays, there is a moment of awkward silence and then it's your turn to flick them on the nose for trying to poison you.

Belly drum is a suicide button. Instead of taking half the opponent's health, it knocks it out completely. Made that Snorlax a rattata to catch, the poor thing just kept instantly committing sudoku every time it saw me.

I'm pretty sure affection is bugged. I grinded my Eevee all the way to lvl 36 and it still refuses to evolve. Or maybe the lil bastard just hates me, I don't know.