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Posted October 7th, 2019
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Hi! I considered making an account because I wanted to give this hack my praise so far, but I encountered a strange bug while playing! So I suppose now I have to make an account? I'm not sure if this has been mentioned however, so I'm sorry if this bug report is a little bit redundant. I was scrolling through this thread, and saw that one could pick up Togepi after chasing the ruffians out of town--I had done so but I hadn't revisited the house with said Togepi. I haven't fought the gym yet because I wanted to level up a bit, so I figured while I was doing that I could stop by. When I returned, I encountered... C-clones??

Oh turns out I can't post images until I make five posts, neato beato. Uh, I'll describe it? (If you want to see it I guess you can PM me??) Along with the NPCs where they ought to be placed (Sitting across from each other at the table), the different event trigger placements are still present. So there's a little girl at the entrance (and you spawn on top of her when you enter... oh... thankfully this doesn't trap you in place.), another little girl two tiles below the mother sitting at the table, and a second mother diagonal to the extra little girl. No extra Togepi, though.

Exiting and re-entering after picking up Togepi doesn't fix the issue. They all share the same dialog (the little girl asking about EGGY and the mom thanking me for helping).

Anyway, I really like this hack so far! It's super fun and cute, and it has some really fun ideas to it. I'm glad I found out about it through Pikasprey, even with some spoilers in his out-of-bounds adventuring.
Hmm... I had encountered issues like that during testing, but I thought I fixed them all. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Do you remember anything more specific about your sequence of events? Did you beat the Grunt in the Center before the other 2? Did you leave town and come back? Would help me trace down the issue.