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Posted October 27th, 2018
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I teamed up with hacksrepairman in regards to this game. I informed him of what I ran into while testing it.

Thanks to his hard work, he was able to correct this game's 2 biggest issues:
Link Below-

"Advanced Adventure 2013 Fixed" includes the following:

* Bad EGG/Invisible Pokemon in PC issue completely corrected.
... this means ALL problems that happened due to this will no longer occur.

* Route 20: Game breaking tiling issue fixed.

I tested this to it's full extent, including All ingame content.

- Glitches (which were always there):

Village of Fire-
1) Bicycle: Has no ingame function. No reason to even collect this key item.
2) Tiling Glitch: A tiling glitch occurs everytime you enter & exit a building.

TM Case (disappearing TM glitch)-
Triggered after obtaining HM#2- Fly, regardless if there's any moves currently in TM Case.. thus glitching the TM Case itself.

- After that point, w/ Fly always being at top of move list, if the last TM used or removed wasn't from the bottom most part of list.. then any move(s) below it will disappear from TM Case. I also tested using walking through walls code to avoid collecting Fly, inorder to test Surf only. HM#3 Surf will also force itself to top of move list, glitching TM Case, if it's the 1st HM obtained. I also tested without TMs in case while collecting both Fly & Surf (having both on top of list in order) & the glitch is still present. Under regular circumstances, the 1st HM collected will force itself to top of move list & the 2nd HM collected will be at the bottom of the list until more TM are obtained (which further complicates the glitch).

- Glitch occurs when action involves the opened TM Case to be removed from current screen, even if temporarily. Game then forgets everything below the move removed from list.

* Examples, if move selected wasn't from bottom of list:
a) Using a TM on a Pokemon.
b) Giving a TM to a Pokemon as hold item (in party or through "move items" from PC menu option).
...... glitch doesn't take place when selling TMs (in any order), due to opened TM Case never being removed from current view screen during the selling process.

~How To Avoid Disappearing TM Glitch~
1) Before collecting HM Fly (Route 9, on ground).. select "MOVE ITEM" from PC menu options. Have stored Pokemon hold TMs. At this point, the order you store them doesn't matter, due to disappearing TM glitch not being present until collecting your 1st HM.
- All TMs obtained prior to HM Fly: #27 Return, #18 Rain Dance, #19 Giga Drain, #39 Rock Tomb, #34 Shock Wave, #47 Steel Wing, #35 Flamethrower... 7 TMs total.

2) Before collecting HM Surf (Village of Ghosts, behind the Fisherman).. make sure you have PC Pokemon hold TM#43 Secret Power (from Haunted Tower) & TM#4 Calm Mind (from female NPC in same house where you receive Rufflet). The order you remove the 2 TMs does matter at this point, due to disappearing TM glitch being active. Make sure you deposit TMs from the bottom most part of the list 1st (closest to "CANCEL").

3) After obtaining HM Surf, I recommend selling any TMs you have no intention of ever using... They sell for around 1,000 each.

4) Keep in Mind: As you obtain more TMs, the only way to completely avoid losing any is by using or depositing them from the most bottom part of move list (closest to "CANCEL"). Selling TMs is not affected by this glitch & can be sold in any order.

... I Hope This Helps.
Thank you very much for your contributions! I will apply this to the original post and give you credit as well for your efforts. Glad to hear many people are still enjoying this game!
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